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As organisations and brands adapt to a changed world, original thinking in marketing communications has never been more important. It’s what our clients count on us for, and it’s what sets us apart from our peers.

Mark Read

Chief Executive Officer

Open to anyone working across WPP’s global network, the Atticus Awards recognise the best in original published thinking on the issues and trends shaping our industry, business and society. The Atticus Journal, which is now in its 26th year, compiles the winning entries and extracts.

2019/2020 Atticus Award winners

Congratulations to Imke Schuller and Eissa Khoury (Landor) for winning the Adam Smith Grand Prix for their paper Culture is brand. Brand is culture.

Other category winners were Amy Walker (GroupM); Christopher Graves (Ogilvy) with Jon Puleston (Kantar); Joelle Irvine and Alexandra Snell (Bookmark); Laurie Close, Paul English, Ann Higgins and Iain McCrossan (Ogilvy); Oliver Feldwick (The&Partnership); Sophie Harding (Mindshare); Stefan Tauber (Set Creative); and Victoria Sakal and Dr. Emmanuel Probst (Kantar). Ogilvy Consulting scooped the Corporate Award for its The Behavioural Science Annual publication, and Raquel Harrah won the Under-30 Essay Prize.

Highly commended were Douglas Dew, Qu Hong, Chen Zhao, Shaila Manyam and Jessica Reilly (BCW Global); Gareth Price (Wunderman Thompson); Howard Thompson and Iris Chin (MediaCom); Jan Boehmer (The&Partnership); Mathias Stuhaug (GroupM); Randy Kohl and Sarah Luce (Gorilla Group); and Rob Norman and Brian Wieser (GroupM).

Winning and highly commended work

Atticus Journal unicorns

10 Nov 2020

Putting the C in success

For fast-growing unicorn companies, culture is a critical driver of success, not just a people issue


10 Nov 2020

The eightfold path of paradox

To succeed in China, business leaders must get to grips with its complicated world view

Coloured triangles

10 Nov 2020

All your customers’ needs, under one roof

Ecosystem brands meet consumers' wants and exceed their expectations

Silk Road Colourful swirls

10 Nov 2020

Navigating the new Silk Road

Chinese brands face unique challenges as they go global


10 Nov 2020

Diversity’s last frontier

It's time agencies harnessed the creative power of the neurodivergent brain

Illustration red circle

10 Nov 2020

When marketing meets science fiction

AI offers enormous potential, but what about the ethical challenges?

Peggy Olson AI illustration

10 Nov 2020

A machine for creativity

Peggy Olson AI marries gut feeling with data to predict viewers' emotional responses to ads

White dots

10 Nov 2020

An eye for a great buy

How image recognition technology is taking search to the next level


10 Nov 2020

Putting your store on a solid foundation

Why moving to a new tech platform requires meticulous planning


10 Nov 2020

The decision-making genome

Using behavioural science to map more effective, personalised content

Abstract shape

10 Nov 2020

The maths challenge

A successful data analytics strategy is built around five core competencies

Gaming illustration

10 Nov 2020

What brands can learn from playing games

Gaming mechanics and tactics could drive both engagement and revenue

Search landscape

10 Nov 2020

What’s over the horizon for search?

The search landscape is becoming more fragmented with voice, image and AI gaining ground

Robot and human illustration

10 Nov 2020

The killer robots can wait

Which enterprises will win out in the AI race and what factors will drive their success?

Rabbit illustration

10 Nov 2020

Chief magic officer

As old marketing models struggle with new channels, it's time for enterprise-wide transformation

Heart shaped illustration

10 Nov 2020

Bring back that loving feeling

It's emotion, not reason, that wins the hearts of new B2B customers

Blurry circle illustration

10 Nov 2020

Making a good impression

Applying behavioural science insights to support social outcomes

Adam Smith Grand Prix

(from the Strategy Innovation category)

Culture is brand. Brand is culture
Imke Schuller and Eissa Khoury – Landor, London

Brand Experience


Marketers have to play more videogames to make better brand experiences
Stefan Tauber – Set Creative, New York


I don't want no satisfaction
Belle Frank and Mitch Markel - VMLY&R and Benenson Strategy Group, New York

Biohacking: When biology becomes a data source for marketers
Dayoán Daumont – Ogilvy Consulting, London

Brand Communications


The CMO and the opportunity of an era: Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Marketing Transformation
Laurie Close, Paul English, Ann Higgins and Iain McCrossan – Ogilvy Consulting, London

Highly Commended

A discipline divided?
Gareth Price - Wunderman Thompson, London


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Peter Buell Hirsch - Ogilvy, New York

Branding and Identity


From Lego to Apple: The new era of brand building is ecosystem-driven growth
Victoria Sakal and Dr. Emmanuel Probst – Kantar, San Francisco

Highly Commended

Grow Global – Developing Business Growth Overseas for Chinese Brands
Howard Thompson and Iris Chin – MediaCom, China


Elise Craft – Ogilvy, London



The Behavioural Science Annual
Ogilvy Consulting, London



Visual Search: A New Opportunity for Retail Brands
Joelle Irvine and Alexandra Snell – Bookmark, Montreal

Highly Commended

The Ecommerce Replatforming Checklist 3.0
Randy Kohl and Sarah Luce – Gorilla Group, Chicago


Andrew Heddle and Zac Kraemer – VMLY&R, Minneapolis

Creativity with Purpose


Why Neurodiversity Works for Creativity
Amy Walker – GroupM, London


Unstereotyped: how brands can get their gender strategy right
Duncan Southgate – Kantar, Frankfurt

Enlightened brand value
Oliver Feldwick - The&Partnership, London

Data-Driven Insights


The Real Why & The Hidden Who
Christopher Graves and Jon Puleston – Ogilvy Consulting, Washington and Kantar, London

Highly Commended

The 5 Pillars of Data Success: A skills-based team approach to data-driven marketing
Jan Boehmer - The&Partnership, Cologne


Decisions for Healthy Living
Julia Ayling and Karen Saba - Mindshare, London

Strategy Innovation


Culture is brand. Brand is culture
Imke Schuller and Eissa Khoury – Landor, London

Highly Commended

The China Prism
Douglas Dew, Qu Hong, Chen Zhao, Shaila Manyam and Jessica Reilly – BCW Global


Direct to Consumer Revolution: How to innovate in established markets
Sara Borchiero and Alberto Gianera - CBA, Milan

Technology-Powered Creativity


Do androids dream of electric consumers? Ethical considerations at the intersection of AI, creativity and marketing
Oliver Feldwick - The&Partnership, London

Highly Commended

Create with Peggy: AI-fueled Creativity
Mathias Stuhaug - GroupM, Copenhagen


Send Me a Voice Note!
Marguerite Steyn – Kantar, Cape Town

Under-30 Essay


Cognitive Resonance: Harmonizing Emotional and Rational Advertising
Raquel Harrah - Wunderman Thompson, Washington